Freak-jazz-rock band from Moscow. Russians, who know how to play industrial music with elements of jazz, country-rock and disco. All together. At the same place and time.

Four facts about Inquisitorum:

1. The Inquisitorum its 7 musicians. 3 of them play drums, 1 bass, 1 saxophone, 1 piano and 1 violin.

2. Album #5.The Middle of Big Julius was recorded together with famous Russian writer Ludmila Petrushevskaya.

3. The band uses some unusual instruments like metal tubes, baby accordions and samples of the angry russian teachers screaming.

4. One member of The Inquisitorum wears the mask of Vladimir Putin. Sergey Merenkov, russian far-right politician, said that Inquisitorum worst band in former Soviet Union.


1. Twist (1998)
2. II (1999)
3.#3.Holiday (2000)
4.Live.#4 (D, 2001)
5.#5.The Middle of Big Julius (D,2003)
6. Music for the movie The Greatcoat (DVD, 2004)

According to what the press say:

Strange and wild, talanted and funny, revolutionary and really far from political correctness.

Rolling Stone magazine (Russian version), #4. 2005

One of the most interesting cultural phenomenon of Moscows music.

Fuzz magazine, #6, 2001


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